Cycles and Spin, Science to Sage E-Zine, December 2011

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Vortex, Free Energy, Thrive, Fractal Time

Josef Tyls
Vortex & Toroid
Walter Russell on Spin
Link to Nassim Haramein &  E.A Rauscher 
Scientific Paper on the Origin of Spin
Foster Gamble Interviewed by Jeane Manning
Producer of the movie “Thrive”
Jeane Mannings, Excerpts from her book  ”Break Through Power”
About Victor Schauberger
Stan Tenen
Abraham, Monotheism, and the Alphabet
Diagram 3.10 Torus Knot, Ring & Sphere
Diagram An Idealized Embryonic Fruit and a Dancer’s Exchange of Angular Momentum
Richard Merrick 
Rediscovery Duality
Jeffrey Armstrong
The Greek Blunder
Gregg Braden interviewed by Linda M. Potter
Fractal Time
Billie M. Thompson, Ph.D
A Time Space Theory, Involving the Ear and Listening
Paul Scott
Evolve to Thrive
Jack Canfield and William Gladstone
The Golden Motor Cycle Gang
Eliza Mada Dalian
The Bardo of Death & Rebirth
Karen Elkins 
Excerpts from “InsideOUT, the Wisdom of the Designer Universe”
Miceal Ledwith
Mention – Torsion Vortex and Orbs
Cycles and Spin, Science to Sage E-Zine, December 2011
Dan Willis – Fractal Art
Karl Herrmann – Nature Series