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Are you ready for a REAL conversation about the Women of the Divine? Do you know Mohammad’s first wife was unveiled and a business woman? Did you know the apostle means to witness? Was Mary not Jesus’s first witness? What does science say about the Monad and the Dyad, the mom and dad of numbers and geometry and where matter and spirit co-create--yes, the yin and yang! Where and when did the conversation change? And, are you ready for a new one? Join in the conversation to awaken the truth. At this time in history, HIS story must change to one where we are co-creators Holy and Whole. Open these pages and see what best selling authors, researchers, and science have to say. Here is where men AND women unite and we co-create a better and balanced reality for humanity. The mystic’s of all religions heard and hear this universal call, the uni-verse-- one voice, one song.

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“Mystics and Women of the Divine” will have you re-think our conventional perspective. Take another look with scholars, innovative thinkers best selling authors, mystics and historians.

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Matthew Fox
Center for Sacred Sciences
The Mystical Core of Great Traditions
Christopher Bamford
Isis Mary Sophia
Rudolf Steiner
The Holy Spirit and the Christ in Us
Dr. Miceal Ledwith
Conscious Evolution
Mary & Jesus Married?
Ki Longfellow
On Brilliant Women
Gene Webb
The Divine Nature of Male & Female
Clarissa Pinkola Estés, PhD.
Untie the Strong Woman(excerpt)
Taman Kahn
UNTOLD: Mohammed’s first wife (excerpt)
Gabriel Constans
Buddha’s Wife
Michael Meade
Krishna Madappa
Prana: The Dynamic Energy in Nature
Parsons Pamela H
About Krishna & Oil Essences

Leigh J Mc Closkey
The Mothership: Revelations in Pink
Adam Reborn & Eve Restored

Contributing Publishing
Monkfishing Publishing
Sounds True
New World Library
Steiner Books