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Science with Heart, this is science with soul.

The Resilience from the Heart ~ Gregg Braden
What is Hearts Intelligence ~ Sara Childre
HeartMath Love, The Destroyer and the Maker of Life ~ Tony J. Selimi
The Spiritual Essence of Love ~ Laura Anne Hoorweg
Awakening the Sacred Masculine ~ Keith Gregory
Heart-focused Life Project Design ~ Patricia and John Hardman

Featured Artists ~ ALICIA HUNSICKER


Enjoy the 3 innovative thinkers who invite you to think in new ways.

Sage to Sage ON-LINE Magazine, is your conscious science network, it’s science with soul. Science to Sage bridges Leading Edge Science, Ancient Wisdom, World Philosophies Mathematicians, Healers and Artists. See how the sages had their wisdom down to a science, from East to West, and Heart to Mind. We look for truth and share its beauty.

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