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120 + pages to explore the many ways to tap into the cosmic mind. Discover with world leaders, scientists, artists and shamans.

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Cosmic Gateway”  explores the many ways to access the cosmic mind.  I invited many experts, from varied experiences, to share their insights, scientific research and experiences.

What I found interesting was the link between the collective wisdom and the similarities between psychedelic imagery, mediation, and fractal geometry. Also the kaleidoscope of color and its patterns mirror the forms in mandala’s, stain glass windows, and the geomtric structues found in churches, mosics, temples, and monastary. The theme is  universal.

Our minds have the ability to tap into the one song of our universe — uni-verse. It is noted in math, music and natures unfolding beauty.

For myself, my experiences have come through breath-work, dreams, writing poetry and mediation.

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Stan Grof

  • Lifting the Veil

Rick Strassman, M.D

  • DMT: The Spirit Molecule

Rupert Sheldrake, Biologist

Terrence McKenna

Ralph Abrahman

  • Expcerts from “The Evolutionary Mnd”

Gene Webb

  • Any Thought is a Hologram

Krishna Madappa

  • Electro Photo Imaging of Ayashuasca

Lynne Mc Taggart

  • The Bond Between Time and Space

Ivan Rados

  • Mediations with Yantra

Robert Moss

  • Library of Dreams

Theresa Bullard

  • The Seven Stages of  Alchemy


Alex Grey Paintings

  • Cover Art & Inside spreads

Stan Grof

  • Gallery of Art

Leigh J Mc Closkey

  • Phoenix Arising

Ivan Rados

  • Yantra’s

Richard Merrick

  • Diagrams and Illustrations for  The Seven Stages of  Alchemy

TED Talks -Jane Bolt-Taylor