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Science to Sage E-Magazine



Science to Sage creates a platform for leading Edge Science, Ancient Wisdom, World Philosophies, Mathematicians, Healers, and Artists.
We investigate life’s puzzles and put the pieces together. Science to Sage takes a renaissance approach revealing the true genius
and genesis of our universe. See how the sages had their wisdom down to a science.

Science to Sage is an ON-LINE Magazine allowing you to flip through like a printed magazine.
Each issue is roughly 80 pages. Many past issues are up to 160. We found this to be too BIG for these times!

This collective body of work is an “extraordinary series” that will have you rethink and expand your understanding of our universe.

List of issues to-date.

1. The One and the Many

2. The Heart and the Mind

3. Communications

4. Science of Sound

5. Vortex and Spin- The Engine of Life

6. Light and Illuminating Ideas

7. Electric Universe

8. Origins

9.  Healing a Journey with Hay House

10.Harmonic Evolution

11. A Window into Your World

12. Venus Awakening

13. Fractal Consciousness

14.Cosmic Gateway

15. Mystics and Women of the Divine

16. Web of Entanglement

17. Water Revolution

18. Story and Archetypes

19. Electric Bodies – Fields of Influence


22. Constructs of Our Universe
23. Riddles, Codes and DNA
24. Sustainability

25. ? Science

26. Subtle Energies

27. Heaven on Earth

28. Imagine

29. Living Waters

30. The Science of Healing

31. Revelations, The Pain Body

32. Living Matrix

33. Roots of Existence

34. Nature Intelligence

35. Ancient Secrets: Lifting the Veil

36. Evolution and Revolution

37. Water Solutions

38. Vibration, What is it Really?

39. Aether

40. Success

41. Heart and Soul

42. Living Cosmos

43. Sympathetic Resonance

44. Where’s Our Superman?

45. New Water Science

46. What Creates Reality?

47. Symbolism, Language, Creation

48. Unlocking the Mystery; How Does the Universe Communicate

49. Mind: Celestial, Relationships and Healing

50. Breakthroughs – Science to Wellness, Game Changers

51. Innovations: Natures Design

52. Evolving –  Exploring New Ways  to Relate to the World

53.  Gold: The Philosopher’s Stone

54. Magnetism: Magnetism is Life, Electricity is a FAD! Really

55. Emergent Spirituality

56. Energy in Motion

57. Scientists, Mystics and Sage

58. On Common Ground

59.  Resolving the Three Great Mysteries: Consciousness, Free Will, and God – Co-Creation by Sperry Andrews

60. All is God – Ananda Bosman



For an OVERVIEW of concepts consider  INSIDEOUT the book. 


It is a consolidation of 10 years of research incapsulated with in  300 pages, 3000 plus images
which provides you a frame work for the construct of life.
You will understand the elemental forces behind creation.
It will awaken you as a witness to learn to live consciously connected!