Edition 16

This issue is on holistic thinking. 

We tend to fixate on a piece that is only a part of the whole and not on how the parts fit together like spokes on a wheel.  I believe nature’s intelligence from the micro to the macro gives us clues. Every issue teaches me something I thought I knew, but with each issue I FEEL it in a new way–it just sinks in more deeply. See the topics below as I explore from the inside OUT!

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  • Insight into the inspiration for “The  Tao of Physics”

Mae-Wan Ho

The Organic Revolution

  • James L. Oschman

A Personal Perspective on the Living Matrix

  • John Stuart Reid

Sound Ideas Bubble Up

  • Dr. Gerald Pollack

The Dance of  Water

  • Don Scott

The Electric Sun (rerun)

  • Bruce H. Lipton Ph. D

The Biology of Belief

  • Rupert Sheldrake

Transcending Genetics

  • Dean Radin

Entangled Minds

Freddy Silva

  • Bequeathed by Gods

Lynne McTaggart

  • The Power of Eight

Jeffrey Armstrong

  • The Mother of All

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

  • Project your Present to the Future

Karen Elkins

  • Excerpts and ideas from the book “InsideOUT”