Edition 39
Science to Sage

Quit a thought provoking issues that explores another way of thinking about our universe…
it just might make more sense if you are willing to step out of the box! It is worth a flip through the pages.

Dale Pond ~ What is Ether?
Dale Pond ~ Celestial Currents
Clay Taylor ~ Art and the Magnetic Matrix
West Marrin, Ph.D. ~ A Historical Perceptive on the Mysterious Connection between Water and Aether
Georg Schrocker ~ Water Charged by Light
Mike Twitell ~ Aether Gravity ~ (art and article)
Water Charged by the Light ~ Georg Schrocker
Hartmut Warm ~ Harmony of the Spheres: A New View of the Ancient Concept



Edition 38

Science to Sage

Josh Toms art and video, inspired by Jon Depew
ONE • Keely History – Text by Dale Pond, graphics by Jeremy Pfeiffer
• Russell History – Text by Dale Pond, graphics by Jeremy Pfeiffer
• Jeremy Pfeiffer – Cause of Rotation
• Dale Pond – Every Object in the Universe
 • Dale Pond – Sympathetic Vibratory Physics
• Dale Pond – Infinite love • Stuart Mitchell – Silence & Provoke, the Act of Vibration 

•Josh Toms art and video, inspired by Jon Depew – Spiral Magnetic Sphere Overtones
• Chris Plouffe – The Law of Balance
• Michael Schneider – “outbursts of Truth”, Timeless features of the Fibonacci Sequence in Mathematics and Nature
• Ray Tomes – The Great Coincidences Throughout the Universe
• Josh Toms art and video, inspired by Jon Depew – Pentagon Vibrational Harmony
• Hugh Love – The Science of Biodynamic Agriculture
• Eric Rankin – Sonic Geometry
• Integratron the Experience – Sotantar Suraj
• Dale Pond – Chladni Plate Vibration




Edition 37
Water Solutions
Science to Sage

There is no shortness of will and passion. There is no shortness of innovations.

So what is the problem?

Our oceans are dying and our land is drying up.
Birds are falling from the sky and fish are washing aground.
Everything is upside down.

Water shortages are no longer relegated to the 3rd world. We build in places as
though the resources are limitless and then donʼt even landscape in unison with the environment – grass in a desert!

Indigenous people lived in harmony with earth. They knew it was their life support system. Where did we lose this common sense?

Industries globally have contributed to our fast track towards extinction and keeping our heads in the sand and pledging ignorance will not save us from this pending catastrophe.

We need to WAKE UP and ACT.

And, water is only one issue, itʼs also about energy and power.


Dancing with Water – M.J Pangman, M. S. & Melaine Evans
Life and Evolution – Alick Bartholomew

Supporting the Eco System – Mike Waters
Solution of Life – West Marrin Ph.D.

Water Rights – Excerpts Global Research Fukushima Nuclear Disaster – Video Clip with Dr. Helen Caldicott

Thorium was the Alternate Path – Richard Martin Thorium Links – Robert Hardraves

Letter to the World from Walter Russell – Read by Adam Abraham
eunoia – Lisa Parks

Listening to the Buddha: how greed, ill-will and delusion are poisoning our institutions – Article by Zen scholar David Loy
Art by Igor Morski

Universal Standing Wave Principle – Art by Gabriel Kelemen

Quinton, Ocean Plasma – Excerpts by Robert Slovak

MarineBio – The Problems with Ocean Dumping & The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

TedTalk Filtering Your Water – Michael Pritchard

Talk for Food Video’s with Adam Abraham: MJ Pangman, Bengt, Dan Nelson, Gerald Pollack Ph.D.

Sustainable Solutions for Our Water World – West Marrin, Ph.D.

Desalinations Ideas – Graphene, OKEANOS & Desolenator

Gizmag – Huge Reserves of Freshwater Lie Beneath the Ocean Floor

Primary Water: Water for a Thirsty World – Greg O’Neill

Primary Water – Excerpts by Christopher Bird

The Cloudbuster Method – James DeMeo Ph. D.

Rex Research – Links to more water solutions

Gizmag: Algae could both provide biofuel and clean up

The Energy-Water Connection – Sandia.gov California’s Epic Drought /Video with Ellen Brown Electricity for Water Pipes – Lucid Energy Turbine Bridge – Adam Wiercinski

Fracking – News Clips USGS – Man-Made Earthquakes

Smart Meters and Water Meters – Josh Del Sol 545 People – Charlie Reese Natural News – Mike Adams Rainwater Harvester

Drinking Water from Air – Watergen What is Going Down the Drain – Robert Slovak

The Water World of Georg Schroecker – Excerpts Historic Water Tower – Adam Wiercinski Harvesting Water – Warka Water

Fog Catcher – FogQuest Creating Water Out of Thin Air – Billboards

History of Dowsing – Steve Herbert Dowsing for Water: And the Water for Humanity Fund Turning Tears into Life: Giving Water – Steve Herbert

Practical Actions: Technical Information Geoff Lawton – Permaculture


Edition 36
Science to Sage

Is humanity’s cultural story causing humanity’s cultural crisis?
Meet those who are creating a new conversation and a new world views.

Neale Donald Walsh – Is humanity’s cultural story causing humanity’s cultural crisis?
Richard Tarnas – Thought Experiment
Don Estes – Moving Molecules
Interview with Ervin Laszlo, by Randall Melnyk
Tesa Zialcita – Akashic Records – Records of ALL Times
Dr. Joe Dispenza – Change…detach from the Buzz
Michelle Coery – Stress Kills
Mike Adams, the Health Ranger – Vaccines, Insights
Aeron Goldhert – Tesla Energy Lights for Wellness
Krishna Madappa – Wellness at Your Finger Tips






Edition 35
Science to Sage


Is there SEED for all religions?
Consider what  ancient architecture tells us about our past.
What were the lost arts and wisdom of the ancient past.

Richard Cassro – A Universal Religion

Gregg Braden – The Mystery and Meaning of the God Code

Anthony Morris – Summary of the DNA

Stan Tenen – Linguistic Cosmology

Rick Strauss – DMT and the Soul of Prophecy

Freddy Silva – The Lost Art of Resurrection

Stan Grof – Revelation: A Lifting of the Veil

Mada Eliza Dalian – The Purpose of Being Human

Dr. Vijay Kumar – The Therapeutic Benefits of Gold

Karen Elkins – Excerpts from InsideOUT: The Visual Guide to Our Designer Universe


Banyen Books, Vancouver, BC Adam Abraham – Food for Thought 0 World




Edition 34
Science to Sage

This issue is not what you are expecting…explore deeper into the magnetic field and it weave of life..and then some more!!  Some you may know…others are innovative thinkers you should know!!!

Jon DePew – Three Things Make Everything

Clay Taylor – The Axiom of Nature

Lynnclaire Dennis & Clay Taylor – Mereon Frequency

Anthony Morris – SATOR Square Solved

Robert & Su.Sane Hake “Clarity” – Squaring the Circle

West Marrin Ph.D – Geometry of Water

Dr. Emoto – Message in Water, presented at the Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water

Laurent Costa – Videos of Water & Music

Krishna Madappa- Bio-electrography image of water

Nassim Haramein – Connected Universe Nassim Haramein Interview with Randall Melnyk of O World

Jean Haner – Symmetry in Nature

Karen Elkins – Excerpts from InsideOUT: The Visual Guide to Our Designer Universe




Edition 33
Science to Sage

Harvey Kraft – The Lost History and Cosmic Vision of Siddhartha Gautama

Karen Elkins – I Am That, I Am

Chapter 1, InsideOUT, A journey into our Universe 

James Mahu – Philosophy, Poetry and Art

Lynnclaire Dennis – A Universal Foundation & A Cardinal Law

Lynnclaire Dennis  – Near-Death Experience & Art

Richard Merrick & Karen Elkins – Common Roots

Excerpts from Venus BluePrint

Excerpts from InsideOUT, A Visual Guide into Our Universe 


Edition 32
Science to Sage

Dianne Collins –  Resonance: The Zing of String

Robert Dursi  – The New Paradigm of Medicine

Bio Resonance Sound Therapy – Jeff Gignac 

Brain Fitness: Entrainment V.S. brain wave stimulation? – Richard Merrick, Ph.D 

Toward a New Harmonic Framework 

Towards a Harmonically Guided Science

Terres Unsoeld based on the work of Fabien Maman – Sound-Cellular Research

Color, Color & Movement – Steven A. Ross Ph.D 

Color Blindness

Concept the “I am” by Karen Elkins & Science by Jim Dooley 

Water – My Story

Karen Elkins Excerpts from “InsideOUT”: A visual journey into our  universe



Edition 31
Science to Sage

Explore with leading experts to Healing the Pain Body

The Nature of Pain – Igor Kufayev

What is this Thing Called Healing – Stephen Lewis

The Art of Empathy  – Karla McLaren

Frequencies of Healing: We are All Sound Healers – Jonathan Goldman & Andi Goldman

The Presence Process – Michael Brown, Courtesy of Namaste Publishing

Chanting a Path to Devotion – Krishna Dass

You Are the Placebo – Dr. Joe Dispenza

Tell Me Who You Are – Devral Laval

Kayenta, Utah – Street Painting Festival presented by the Kayenta Arts Foundation, artists work see link to Foundation



Edition 30
Science to Sage

Art Giser – Deep Self-Love

Radio Show March 4th,  – Rick Harson Ph.D

The Self-Transforming Brain

Dr. Joe Dispenza – The 4 Pillars of Healing

Article Link – Love Yourself Enough

Archive to Radio Show – don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

Living a Life of Awareness

Radio Show March 4th – Don Estes

The Portal to Your Quantum Self

Archived Radio Show


don Miguel Ruiz Jr. – March 4, 12pm Central Time

Art Gisser – March 4, 12:45pm Central Time

Besty Chasse – March 18, Central Time