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Harvey Kraft

… is an American author, (The Buddha from Babylon) and has been a student of Buddhism for forty-five years. He is a spiritual archeologist adept at interpreting ancient mythic language. His personal quest to unearth the meaning of Buddhist wisdom has been based on a lifetime of research…Mr. Kraft’s new biography of Siddhartha Gautama is the culmination of his aspiration to explore the Buddha’s visionary scope of existence.


In 1998 he founded the Everlife Center to undertake research for a better understanding of Cosmic Buddhism through the use of spiritual archeology. Sadly, later that year, Mr. Kraft lost his 23-year-old daughter, Lani, after a heart transplant operation in a California hospital. His writings are dedicated in her honor and emerge from her inspiration.

Mr. Kraft’s business career started in management at American Express in New York. As a professional communicator he went on to be a business owner, creative director, marketing executive, tech innovator, and writer.

Following a successful career, Mr. Kraft launched into a 15-year research effort that resulted in his breakthrough work based on his development of spiritual archeology techniques.

His innovative and strategic solutions have helped individuals and organizations transform their mindset and relationships. His creative contributions have garnered dozens of awards and recognitions. Mr. Kraft himself has been transformed.

Today he is focused on writing and speaking providing breakthrough thought leadership derived from the ancient visionary history that still shapes modern times, and whose wisdom can be leveraged to create a wonderful future.