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Join the adventure and imagine. Allow yourself to go beyond!

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IMAGINE a portal to a New World

How can we take quantum jumps in our life, is there really only one age? How can we imagine a new world? What is real or imagine? Explore the how and see what visionaries are imagining!

Quantum Jump in Spheres of Reality – Cynthia Sue Larson
Explore Your Quantum Self – Don Estes
One Age – Anthony Morris
The Imagination Quotation – Don Estes
Art by Leigh J. McCloskey

The Colorado Center, City of Light
Overview by Founder Kathleen Smith
Visionaries Co-Create

Alined with a Purpose – Peter Champoux
Eco-Friendly – George Swanson
Clean Energy, Pure Food & Air – Josef Tyls
Survive to thrive – Mike Waters
The Future is Now Link – Mike Upstone
Sensorium for Peak Experiences – Don Estes
Photograph – David Gilbert of Leigh J. McCloskey
The Big Idea for Education – Karen Elkins
Malls for Literacy
A New Curriculum for Living
The One Hub
Science to Sage
Building from Natures Strength – Basalt – Don Smith
Living in Harmony with the Sacred Land – Greg O’Neil

Karma Capitalism – Krishna Madappa

Morphogenesis 8 Chronology – Heather Cowie
Futurist Art. Don Estes IQ – Leigh J. McCloskey

Events to Banyen Books, Vancouver, BC
Gaiam TV
Awakening Zone Radio