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This themed issue guides the way to understanding how to live in harmony with our environment, while tapping into natures wisdom.

Cover Art Courtesy of Rafael Araujo


The Architect, Nature ~ Rafael Araujo
Vortex Mechanics and Your Health ~ Rhetta Jacobson
Singularity the Creation of a Star: Unification of Electricity, Magnetism, and Gravity ~ Alan Lindsay Francoeur
The Primer Fields ~ David LaPoint
The Torus Field, Phase Changes, & the Grid of Life – Don Estes, Randy Stack, Karen Elkins
Magnetic Fields, Diagrams – Clay Taylor
The Proton is a Magnet! ~ Mike Twichell
A Universal Current? ~ Robert Nelson, Rex Research
Spin, Vibration and Harmonics ~ John Keely, Courtesy of Dale Pond
Gallery of Clean Energy ~ Gary Vesperman


The Primer Fields – David LaPoint
Magnetism – Theoria Aophasis
Links to Viktor Schauberger