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This issue has some surprises, well at least for me.  What a magical  symphony our world is. We are frequencies based beings bathed by sound, color and light.  The”living matrix” , water is the field from which all is reflected and projected. See how all these pieces come together–mind, body and soul.

This issue is 152 pages with stunning visuals.  It is conscious science with heart and art!


Dianne Collins
• Resonance: TheZingofString
Robert Dursi • The New Paradigm of Medicine • Bio-Resonance Sound Therapy
Jeff Gignac • Brain Fitness: Entrainment V.S. brain wave stimulation?
Richard Merrick, Ph.D • Toward a New Harmonic Framework • Towards a Harmonically Guided Science
Terres Unsoeld based on the work of Fabien Maman • Sound-CellularResearch • Color,Color&Movement
Steven A. Ross Ph.D • Color Blindness
Concept the “I am” by Karen Elkins & Science by Jim Dooley • Water – My Story
Karen Elkins Excerpts from “InsideOUT”: A visual journey into our universe