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DNA is riddled with codes and amazing insights.  Re-examine the roots of your DNA, see how to repair your DNA and see the musical connect.  Look into the coincidence of DNA and your relationships to the moon? … and more

Bruce H. Lipton – Excerpts from “the Honeymoon Effect” , Self-Biologist
Gregg Braden – Excerpts from “Deep Truth”, the Building Blocks of Life…
Dr. Miceal Ledwith – The Origins of the Human Race and the Implications for Our Spiritual Empowerment Today.”

Codes & Patterns

Jef Harvey – DNA Repair Gregg Braden – Excerpts from “The God Code”
Marko Rodin – “The Quantum Mechanic State of DNA Sequencing”
Susan Alexjander, M.A. – The Infrared Frequencies of DNA Bases as Science & Music
Krishna Madappa – Kundalini – Chakras – DNA – Neurons – Prana
Anthony Morris – The Game Unpacked, DNA & Amino Acids
Karen Elkins Excerpts from “InsideOut: The Wisdom of Our
Designer Universe”
Lucy West – Cover Art and science in art