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? Science, Oct issue of Science to Sage E-Magazine: It’s time to question just about everything. Why? As I began to evolve this issue with the question of why would TED talks X certain “big ideas”, some called puedo- science, or questionable math, the question I had was why is this good for government and not for you? The word that came up is Power.

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Science Set Free, TED talks X, puedo- science, or questionable math! The word that came up is Power.

The power to control your own reality, the power of our own thoughts and power to question the powers that be.  The power of energy, the power of a grid that could have “ALL” power over you.

The idea of a power grid that covers the earth, that is a self proclaimed “Smart Meter” has the power over ALL electrical functions.  EVERYTHING is electrical and magnetic by its nature, and that includes your body. It is all about sending and receiving electrical currents (energy), that is all there truly is.

So when you read this issue think, question the why?

See if you come to the same conclusion. Solution: “Take Back Your Power”, “Breakthrough Energy Movement” and “Thrive”. Be a part of a growing world-wide movement where there is no power-over you but that YOU are empowered.

Karen Elkins


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