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Sympathetic Resonance from Love, Atomic Structures to Bodies of Sound. And, learn to Embrace the Silence

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This issue REVEALS a new idea for atom structures, to the Physics of Love. And, from renown song writer, Stuart Mitchell, embrace the notion of silence in our noisy world. The art featured this month are beautiful and unique guitars by David Enke.

• Len Murray – Ajax Macintosh Model: The New Frontier for Sympathetic Resonance and the Atomic Structure
• Gene Webb – Alpha and the Omega the Beginning and the End is the birth of Alphanon
• David Enke – Bodies of Sound
• Video by Chris Plouffe – The Optical
Universe – “A Journey into the Workings of
the Our Universe”
• Dale Pond – The Physics of Love: The
Ultimate Universal Laws
• Stuart Mitchell – The Embrace of Silence