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A few of our loyal and dear contributors.

Gregg Braden

Nisha J. Manek, M.D.

Marko Rodin, Vortex-Based Mathematics

Gregg Braden

Foster Gamble, Thrive I and II Movies

our Difference

The Science to Sage approach brings a rich visual weave and imagery that makes complex ideas accessible. Each edition is themed, and in the style of renaissance, we bridge disciplines so you can witness the interconnections of ALL things.

This cyclical weave of elements is a connected tapestry which spans all geometry, chemistry, biology, and physics — this is our living matrix and the byproduct is the beauty we see.

Rediscover our human story. Hidden in plain view, Science to Sage works to lift the veil.


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“Splendidly beautiful.”

Dr. Bruce Lipton

Renowned international scientist and author.