The magazine is also EXTREME as an art canvas, conveying the new sciences in the true universal language – pictures; making complex ideas simple to grasp. The most common response to the magazine is WOW!~ Cheryl Lee Harnish

One word: W O W! ! ~ Arnaud Saint-Paul

Karen, wow, what a nice visual collection. Let me know when it goes live on the Web, and I can tell people about it.
~ Clifford Pickover

Your magazines are treasures. They are magnificent. I am blown away.
Wow! ~ James L Oschman, Ph.D.

It looks great! You have rocked it once again. You are an amazing artist and such an advanced consciousness. I don’t know of a more beautiful and important magazine and we deeply appreciate our opportunity to be a part of it. ~ Foster Gamble

Karen you do good work! I’m proud and grateful to work with you. – Dale Pond ~ Pond Science Institute

…I think you took a really hard subject and made it understandable to a general audience. Good job! ~ Kim Gifford, Thunderbolts Project

A landmark magazine of vibrant proportion that will stir the vital essence of each one of us with contributions from Dear Konstantin, Pollack and many more visionaries of our time. – Krishna Madappa

Wow! That’s spectacular. Beautiful presentation! Very attractive and gets the basic ideas across. – Michael Schneider

Oh wow. That is amazing. Thank you so much Karen – Josh Toms

You will never think about your inverses in the same way again - Science to Sage, Karen Elkins
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