To question conventional science,  this issue invites you into the notion of an electric universe. Join the “Thunderbolt Project” and others and get a glimpse into this electrifying bodies. Meet the scientists who dare to defy and testify to the truth of what they see.

Insights from the Electric Universe Conference – The Third Human Story
Mel Achesmon
World-view in Succession
Thunderbolt info
What is Plasma
Weather: Fair, Foul or Electric?
Wal Thornhill
Stars in the Electric Universe
Don Scott
The Electric Sky
Electric Model of the Sun

James Ryder
IBEX’s Surprising Results
Gerald Pollack
The Geometry of Life
David Talbot
The Electric Universe – Seeking the Third Story
Robert M. Schoch
Plasma Earth & the Last Ice Age
James. L Oschman
Understanding Earthing (Grounding)
Steve Smith
3D Mars

John Stuart Reid
The Special Relationship Between Sound & Light
Dr. Kontantin Korotkov
What is Energy
What is Biological Energy
Electrophotosphernes & Energography
The Kirlian’s
Dr. Joe Dispenza
The Wave of the Future
Karen Elkins
Excerpts for InsideOUT

Clayton Mabey
What is an Amigram?