Gary Greenfield
Water Technology

Gary is the Founder and Director of Greenfield Naturals. He has created, built and operated multiple businesses including an ambulance service, a computerized tele-messaging company, jet boat manufacturing, coffee roasting, coffeehouse pub, French bakery and an essential oils company. In 2005, upon listening to the story of a young woman who had self-healed from cancer with a raw food diet, Gary’s life took a turn down a road from which he would never return…a journey that led to the creation of Greenfield Naturals. Since that day Gary has been studying natural phenomena, subtle energies and alternatives to the modern, synthetic, polluting and energy wasting technologies that are so detrimental to plants, animals, people and the environment. Gary’s passion is to marry the principles of biomimicry with newly-emerging technologies that more closely mirror natural phenomena, thus energizing and restoring vitality to water, soils, plants, animals and people everywhere.