Marko Rodin: Vortex Based Mathematics


Vortex Based Mathematics by Marko Rodin is a new and different type of mathematics. As Russell P. Blake, former director for Microsoft’s Advanced Future Operating Systems said, this has never existed before in academia and has been overlooked by all conventional science. Blake has been very clear in stating he believes it will transform all technology and science. It is well-known that a civilization cannot evolve further than their level of mathematics. The name is Vortex Based Mathematics because it is based upon whether the underpinning nested vortices are staggered or aligned, which determines the function of the molecule and creates the ultimate quantum computer that obsoletes all existing quantum computers.




Within, you will be taken on a spiraling tour through the toroidal roller coaster of our deterministic universe. The vibratory essence of all that exists, is no longer on its elusive hide and seek trip — it has been found! With the introduction of Vortex-Based Mathematics you will be able to see how energy is expressing itself mathematically. This math has no anomalies and shows the dimensional shape and function of the universe as being a toroid or donut-shaped black hole. This is the template for the universe and it is all within our base ten decimal system!

You have entered a place where Numbers are Real and Alive not merely symbols for other things. You will discover that the relationships between numbers are not random or man-made but that numbers are actually elementary particles of which everything is composed. This lost knowledge was well known to our ancients and is now being uncovered for us today. Gradually you will come to see numbers in a simple yet profoundly perfect three-dimensional matrix grid pattern that forms the shape of a torus. The number grid reveals the calibration and timing for an engine that can take us throughout the universe and solve mankind’s energy needs. Interested? Delve in…


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