Communication: Body, Mind, Soul

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Communication: Body, Mind, Soul –

Eliza Mada Dalian – From Silence to Sound
Levanah Tenen – Hand Gestures Revealing You from the Inside Out
Kabalarian Philosophy – Alfred J. Parker
John Stuart Reid – Dolphin Language
Stuart Mitchell – Pyramids and the Queen Bee
Vladimir Kush – “Metaphorical Realism”
Joseph Chilton Pearce – Language Development
Erica Kruntzen – Art Therapy from the IN side OUT
Synaesthetic Perception
Mark Ainley – Listen to Your Body Talk
Mark Ainley – A Body of Knowledge
Brad Johnson – The Akashic Records
HeartMath on Reach Out and Touch Someone
Dr. Wayne Carr – Spiritual Aspect of Remote Viewing
Paul Scott – Practical Mysticism and the Dream
Jeane Manning Communicating the NEW ENGERGY Paradigm
Patricia Taylor – Adventures
John Wong, Insights – Silence

Featured Artist – Vlliadmir Kush
Featured Music – Kindness Concert
and Jonas and Jeanette / Moon Coin Production
Poetry by Jeffrey Armstrong
Poetry by Karen Elkins
Vancouver Photography – Karl Herrmann

Excerpts for “InsideOut – the Wisdom of Our Designer Universe” by Karen Elkins