Origins? Science to Sage E-Zine, March 2012

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Origins? Science to Sage E-Zine, March 2012,

Michael Cremo
Excerpts- The Forbidden Archeologist
Michael Tellinger
Excerpts & Intro – Slave Species of the god
Miceal Ledwith
How Can Little Green Men be Made in the Image of God?
Bibhu Dev Misra
The Evolutionary Cycles of Creation & Catastrophes: A Case for Intelligent Design
Freddy Silva
What Ancients were up to: Temples, transformation, and the location of Paradise
Prash Trived
  The Message of the Ancients: Signs in the Sky
Karen Elkins
Excerpts from “InsideOUT, the Wisdom of the Designer Universe”

Avoria Weaver
Charles Wood
Karl Herrmann
Dan Willis – Fractal Art