Imagine walking through a physical gallery where the science of life and  all its beauty is on display. Revealed on these canvases are  the hidden secrets and gems of nature.

From microscope, telescope to cymascope – micro to macro life unfolds.



Let Science to Sage take you on a scientific and mystical journey  into the mysteries of our universe.  From scientists, sages, philosophers, mathematicians, to artists let us reveal through a visual tapestry the wonders of creation. 


Science to Sage Magazine comes alive as we give you in inner—view with innovative thinkers to best selling authors. Tap into the evolving sciences and arts.

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We are a platform for the evolving conscious sciences and innovative thinkers. We are also known as being an “art canvas for science” where complex ideas are make simpler.  Here an image is worth a thousand words. Let take you on our magic carpet ride through galaxies. 

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Quantum Mind of God: Akashic Records

Quantum Mind of God: Akashic Records The Universe is Collective Dynamics Consciousness of GOD's Quantum Mind, Intellect and Resolves (Sanskars) in form of Aether energy neural network Cosmic grid, which he keep in form of storage of Aether frequencies as...