We are born into a family and cultivated into roles, customs, cultures, costumes and love of country. Each of these territories is looking for ‘brand loyalty’ and a ‘buy in’. Each has a flavor, an icon, a flag and/or a family crest. These icons give us an identity, a status and define our place in space.

These identities and stories also give us a point of comparison to others.
Within these domains we can also create limitations. Crossing the line just might result in character assassination–who would you be?

Yet, technology is giving us a new world view. From space, we are simply a dot in the grand gallery of our universe.
The borders of ‘old’ do not appear as defined from this vantage point.

Maybe we are just all actors on the grand cosmic scene, all playing different parts and exploring endless combinations
within the cycles of life and putting our own spin on it.

Jim Britt -His story
Karen Elkins – Excerpt from “InsideOUT” the Wisdom of Our Designer Universe