Consciousness in various forms.
After doing the last few issues relating to light, water and the nature of our electric universe the question now is how do we begin to witness
and understand the journey called life?
How do we harness and direct the currents of our sensation?

Eliza Mada Dalian – Healing:The Journey into Consciousness
Austin Vickers – People V the State of Illusion
Edward Cowie – Composing Consciousness
Bruce H. Lipton – The Honeymoon Effect
Kelly Luscombe Bea – Conscious Creative Spaces
Karen Elkins – Making Sense of Your Worldwith a bit of Wikipedia
Robert Leon – Photography – Elements of Nature and Consciousness
David Buckland – What is Consciousness
HeartMath Video: The Heart’s Intuition Intelligence- A path to personal, social and global coherence
Dean Radin – Exploring Relationships Between Random Physical Events and Mass Human Attention:Asking for Whom the Bell Tolls
Brett A. Roger – Synchronicity and manifesting are Basically the Same Thing

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