Patterns in nature reveal our connection to the cosmos and our cosmic mindset. Explore with experts ways to tap into alternative realities and to understand its complexity as well as its simplifies.

Stan Grof – Lifting the Veil

Rick Strassman, M.D – DMT: The Spirit Molecule

Rupert Sheldrake, Biologist, Terrence McKenna, Ralph Abrahman -Experts

s from “The Evolutionary Mind”

Gene Webb – Any Thought is a Hologram

Krishna Madappa – Electro Photo Imaging of Ayashuasca

Lynne Mc Taggart – The Bond Between Time and Space

Ivan Rados – Mediations with Yantra

Robert Moss -Library of Dreams

Theresa Bullard – The Seven Stages of  Alchemy


Alex Grey Paintings – Cover Art & Inside spreads

Stan Grof  – Gallery of Art

Leigh J Mc Closkey – Phoenix Arising

Ivan Rados  – Yantra’s

Richard Merrick – Diagrams and Illustrations for  The Seven Stages of  Alchemy

TED Talks -Jane Bolt-Taykir


Banyen Books


Sounds True