Fractals are considered the Thumbprint of God. Life is fractal and is the foundation of creation from time to music. 

Bruce H. Lipton – I’m an Optimist…

Gregg Braden – Fractal Warning for the Future

Cheryl Lee Harnish – The Thumbprint of  God

Harlan Brothers – Fractal Music

Linda Potter interview with Bruce H. Lipton

Fractal Evolution – Dr. Joe Dispenza 

Cycles and Time – Bibhu Dev Misra

Cosmic Blue Print – Freddy Silva

Karen Elkins – Excerpts from “InsideOUT, the Wisdom of the Designer Universe”


Cherly Lee Harnish  – Cover

Freddy Silva – Photography


Evolve to Thrive

TED Talks – Mandelbrot

TED Talks – Jared Diamond

and more…