How many ways can you know thyself? …LOTS

There are a multitude of ways to reflect, be it the your personal mirrors, your gifts, the stars, Human Design,
body types, body language and this is just for starters….more, more, more revealed here!

Eliza Mada Dalian – The World: Our Mirror Image
Dr. Doris Laura Phd – Born with a Gift – Adam DreamHealer
Rollin McCraty, Ph.D – Intuition
Chetan Parkyn – Human Design
Gene Webb – Our Unfolding Universe
Robert Moss – The Shaman Diagnosis of Our Existential Complaints
Karen Elkins – Excerpts from InsideOUT, The Visual Guide to the Wisdom of the Our Designer Universe – Science to Sage

Diagrams by Richard Merrick – Key Harmonic Intervals in the human body
Gene Webb – diagrams & poems
Karen Elkins – poems

May Issue on Harmonic Evolution
Articles by Dr. Kontantin Korotkov Energy in an Electric Universe
Articles by Mark Ainley on Body Talk and Form/Function
Articles on Gene’s by Bruce Lipton
HeartMath – Articles on the Heart