Re-think Our Conventional Perspective from Scholars and Researchers

Mystics and Women of the Divine”, take another look with scholars, innovative thinkers best selling authors, mystics and historians.


Matthew Fox – Hildegard
Center for Sacred Sciences
The Mystical Core of Great Traditions – Christopher Bamford
Isis Mary Sophia – Rudolf Steiner
The Holy Spirit and the Christ in Us – Dr. Miceal Ledwith – Mary & Jesus Married?
Ki Longfellow – On Brilliant Women
Gene Webb – The Divine Nature of Male & Female
Clarissa Pinkola Estés, PhD. – Untie the Strong Woman(excerpt)
Taman Kahn – UNTOLD: Mohammed’s first wife (excerpt)
Gabriel Constans – Buddha’s Wife
Michael Meade – Ecstatic
Krishna Madappa – Prana: The Dynamic Energy in Nature
Parsons Pamela H – About Krishna & Oil Essences

Leigh J Mc Closkey – The Mothership: Revelations in Pink
Adam Reborn & Eve Restored

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