The gift of life is the joy of our senses — taste, touch, smell, hearing, seeing and the sensation of feeling and being in the heart. We are heaven on earth.

Over a relatively short period of time we have created a more comfortable lifestyle with technology, yet while doing so we have corrupted the elements that create and sustain ALL forms of  life.  

We have to look no further than the fundamental elements— liquid, solids, gases and plasma: water, air, fire, earth and space.  We have polluted our waters, air, and we burn fuels that have dried out our planet.  We have witnessed the corrupting of these base elements.

Ancient wisdom held respect for the spirit within the elements. They knew they were one with us, as we are made of the same stuff.  Water holds memory, air expresses our spirit— breath, and fire (desire) actives the charge within our central nervous system.

The rhythm of nature is electrical and cyclical, and charges our cells, earth and space.

The ground of our being, mother earth, has a magnetic field called the  Schumann Resonance which has a sympathetic pulse with our heart and brain.  So when we get excited about introducing higher bands of frequencies  for faster speeds, and A.I.  and game,  note that it changes our chemistry, therefore our biology and this is true for all forms of life. 

We are  witnessing the extinction of many species, and our game maybe ending. 

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