This issue is a combined vision of the past 10 years incorporating the work of multiple individuals. Here is a rich weave of cosmology, geometry, biology and insight into inner and outer technology. Special thank you to Don Estes and Randy Stack, Richard Merrick and Jon DePew.
– Karen Elkins, Editor, Researcher and Graphic Designer of Science to Sage Magazine

Intro Section Woven by Karen Elkins, Edited by Beth Richards

Torus — Works of Don Estes, Randy Stack
Chalice Cup Concept inspired by Jon DePew
Special Section by Jon DePew, plus links to editions with Josh Toms and Clay Taylor Video’s: The Holy Grail Found by Roy Duff

Living Cosmos by Ernest Richards

What Does it Take to Thrive?

Visual Out Takes from the movie Thrive II: This is What it Takes by Foster Gamble and Kimberly Carter Gamble

Emerging Unified Field Theory and its Applications

Wellness Ideas – Sound to Ground

Art: A quest to understanding our physical and metaphysical world  by Daniel Martin Diaz