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Our origins are up for debate?

Our origins are up for debate! From the Vedas to the Bible it is stated that we are not of this earthy dimension! See what archaeologist and messages of the ancients reveal. And how can little green men be made in the image and likeness of God? Did the god’s bring us civilization and then cultivate us too? Could this be the roots of our “slave” mentality?


Michael Cremo

  • Excerpts- The Forbidden Archeologist

Michael Tellinger

  • Excerpts & Intro – Slave Species of the god

Miceal Ledwith 

  • How Can Little Green Men be Made in the Image of God?

Bibhu Dev Misra

  • The Evolutionary Cycles of Creation & Catastrophes: A Case for Intelligent Design

Freddy Silva

  • What Ancients were up to: Temples, transformation, and the location of Paradise

Prash Trived

  •   The Message of the Ancients: Signs in the Sky

Karen Elkins

  • Excerpts from “InsideOUT, the Wisdom of the Designer Universe”


Avoria Weaver 

Charles Wood

Karl Herrmann 

Dan Willis – Fractal Art 

Science to Sage Events

  • From the Resources of the Book “InsideOUT, the Wisdom of Our Designer Universe” by Karen Elkins
  • YOUtube links
  • Book, DVD’s, CD
  • Plus Extra Ideas

Cover Photo of Rock Art by Charles Wood &

An artist’s concept of a catastrophic asteroid impact with the Earth. Source: NASA