To question conventional science,  this issue invites you into the notion of an electric universe. Join the “Thunderbolt Project” and others and get a glimpse into this electrifying bodies. Meet the scientists who dare to defy and testify to the truth of what they see.


Insights from the Electric Universe Conference – The Third Human Story

Mel Achesmon

  • World-view in Succession

Thunderbolt info

  • What is Plasma
  • Weather: Fair, Foul or Electric?

Wal Thornhill

  • Stars in the Electric Universe 

Don Scott

  • The Electric Sky
  • Electric Model of the Sun

James Ryder 

  • IBEX’s Surprising Results

Gerald Pollack

  • The Geometry of Life

David Talbot

  • The Electric Universe – Seeking the Third Story

Robert M. Schoch 

  • Plasma Earth & the Last Ice Age

James. L Oschman

  • Understanding Earthing (Grounding)

Steve Smith

  • 3D Mars


John Stuart Reid 

  • The Special Relationship Between Sound & Light

Dr. Kontantin Korotkov

  • What is Energy
  • What is Biological Energy
  • Electrophotosphernes & Energography
  • The Kirlian’s

Dr. Joe Dispenza 

  • The Wave of the Future
  • Karen Elkins 
  • Excerpts for InsideOUT – Ancient Wisdom to Modern Science


Clayton Mabey 

  • What is an Amigram?

Karl Herrmann – 

  • Vancouver, BC Images

Dan Wills

Fractal Art — James L. Oschman & Awakening the Heart


Banyen Books & Sound,  Vancouver BC 

Resources are from the Book “InsideOUT,  by Karen Elkins – Links, YOU-Tube and books