• The Secret of Light
Robert Bueltman
• Signs of Life – Luminous Botanical Photography Miceal Ledwith
• The Rise and Fall of the Halo
Krishna Madappa
• Light: Our Luminous Presences
Eliza Mada Dalian
• The Fabric of the Universe
Minke de Vos
• Circulation of Light
Ivan Rados
• The Middle Point of Sacred Geometry Yantra Bruce Lipton

• Spontaneous Evolution Gregg Braden
• Deep Truth
Jeane Mannings

• Vortex & Magnetic Spin Create New Energy “Win”

Richard Merrick

• Intro to Book – The Grand Scientific Musical Theater

John Stuart Reid
• ‘Are We Alone’, Symbolic Dolphin Language Karen Elkins
• Excerpts from “InsideOUT, the Wisdom of the

Designer Universe” ARTIST GALLERY

• Robert Bueltman – Signs of Life
• Karl Herrmann – Vancouver, BC Images • Dan Willis – Fractal Art
• Richard Merrick – Halo Statue


  • From the Resources of the Book “InsideOUT, theWisdom of Our Designer Universe”by Karen Elkins
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