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Paul & Kathie Scott –
As a Trans-personal Counselor and a student of A Course In Miracles, I know Love is all that we need to heal ourselves, and be whole and complete, and it is my life’s mission to help people realize the peace they have available to them through the Love that is always there, just waiting to be accepted by you. My wife, Kathie, and I have found in Quantum-Touch an energy modality that acknowledges and fully incorporates Pure Love, the Life Force Energy that animates everything and has the power to address all issues on all levels – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

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James Ryder –
Survey of the ongoing results of the Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) mission to image the edge of our solar system and discover the global interaction between the solar wind and the interstellar medium. IBEX data was expected to show a termination shock, similar to what is believed to be observed around other stars, and determine its distance from the sun. Instead, surprisingly, a “ribbon” of bright energy was found. Continued data collection, also surprisingly, shows the ribbon varies in strength and location on a time scales of months. The results are requiring reconsideration of our fundamental concepts of the interaction between the heliosphere and the interstellar medium.

Dr. Ryder, beginning in 2004, served as Vice President of Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company and head of the Advanced Technology Center, an R&D organization covering a diverse range of technologies including solar and space sciences. He announced his retirement in 2011.

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Deborah Rozman, Ph.D –
Deborah has thirty years of experience as a business executive, serial entrepreneur, psychologist, author, and educator. Since 1990, she was founding executive director of the non-profit Institute of HeartMath, executive vice president of HeartMath LLC, then founding director and President and co-CEO with Doc Childre of Quantum Intech (parent company of HeartMath LLC). Prior to her work at HeartMath she was EVP of Biogenics, Inc. She is also a co-author with Doc Childre of HeartMath’s Transforming Series: Transforming Stress, Transforming Anxiety, Transforming Anger andTransforming Depression, and a key spokesperson on HeartMath, heart intelligence, stress in these changing times and heart-based living.

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Cheryl Richardson –

For the last twenty years I’ve dedicated my personal and professional life to the importance of self-care by teaching from my own experience. In the past, I’ve sacrificed my health and my relationships for work, given to others at the expense of my own needs, and watched my dreams slip through the cracks of a busy life. As a result, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to put an end to the madness. And, as I grow and evolve, I share the practical tools and resources I use myself, in the hopes that it helps you to improve your own life.

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Linda M. Potter –

Potter’s loyal readers love her digestible, comedic insights offered in her quirky, yet grounded messages on life’s challenges and the ‘signs’ that offer responses to those challenges. Linda’s armchair comedic advice, on how to ask for and recognize ‘signs from God’ coined her humor as the Erma Bombeck of Metaphysics. Where does Potter find ‘signs from God?’ Signs are everywhere . . . the laundry room, outside her living room window, at the movies, art museums, airports, highways, shopping malls, or occasionally, along a walking trail in the Rocky Mountain high country.

Linda’s freelance writing career spans thirty years, publishing several hundred articles (and one play). She’s a successful spiritual counselor, assisting clients with personal- and spiritual- growth. Linda speaks to audiences of all sizes.

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Gerald Pollack –

Water has three phases – gas, liquid and solid; but recent findings from our laboratory imply the presence of a fourth phase that occurs at interfaces. This phase is surprisingly extensive. Its presence may have profound implication for chemistry, physics and biology and we are actively considering all of these. Cell biology in particular considers water as a mere background carrier of the more important molecules of life. However, it appears that water is a central player and we are investigating just how.

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Joseph Chilton Pearce -
Joseph Chilton Pearce is the author of many books, including Crack In The Cosmic Egg, a national best seller Magical Child, Evolution’s End, The Biology of Transcendence, The death of Religion and Rebirth of Spirit and most recently Strange Loops and Gestures of Creation. For over thirty years Joe has written and lectured internationally on human development and the changing needs of children. Doing so Joe has pushed the boundaries of human development far beyond mechanistic models. His quest: to understand our ‘amazing capacities and self-inflicted limitations.’ We are the body and more. We are emotions and more. We are mind and more. Pearce weaves this miraculous tapestry into integrated wholeness.

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John Wong – A writer and inquirer into mystical and spiritual wisdom. His passion is his blog.

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Walter Russell University-

Walter Bowman Russell was an American polymath known for his achievements as a painter, sculptor, author and builder and less well known as a natural philosopher and for his unified theory in physics and cosmogony.

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Lynn Woodland is an award-winning author, international teacher and human potential expert who, since 1975, has worked in fields of transpersonal psychology, human motivation, spiritual healing and mind-body psychology. Her particular expertise is in what gives rise to miracles and in teaching ordinary people to live extraordinary lives so that miracles become, not just possible, but natural.

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