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How it all began:

I was awakened at 4 am by a voice. I like to call it Source. It gifted me the outline for the book, and guided and inspired me along the way. It took me back to my childhood question.

“How does God create?”

Through the contribution of over 60 innovative thinkers, scientists, artists and my own inquiry, I have woven a compelling tapestry that threads leading edge science with ancient wisdom. Within this weave you will see all branches of science and the arts, which is where complex ideas are made simple and visual.
Yet, I want to make clear that not everyone in this book agrees with all aspects of my weave. This leaves room for more exploration and dialogue.

This is not a story but a visual synthesis of elemental and fundamental principles and the building blocks of life. Through this visual lens, revealed is the Weaver’s golden thread from which life flows from atoms to galaxies. This book also addresses the basic yin and yang, male and female principles of polarity and spin as well as how it generates, literally, our current life.

Taking art as fact, and seeing what is in plain view via the telescope, microscope and Cymascope, we can see the amazing kaleidoscope of life revealed.

Humanity is at a crossroads ~ we can birth a new renaissance, which fuses science to sage, east to west, and heart to mind, or cause our own demise. Our arrogance is compounded by our ignorance and our willingness to ignore the obvious. There is but One Weaver of this cosmic web and when we look across lost civilizations we can see our common roots. Even the late Joseph Campbell marveled at the 100 common story lines from around the world.
The root word for religion comes from the Latin verb ligo, which means to tie or bind. By unraveling these mysteries, my hope is that we can appreciate that we have all come from the same Weave. We have a common bond that ties us all together. It is time to appreciate the endless diversity and creativity of the Creator’s Web.


Many religions speak of an apocalypse. Stanislav Grof put it nicely when he said, “The original and literal meaning of the term ‘apocalypse,’ however, is not ‘destruction’ but ‘lifting of the veil’ or ‘revelation.’ It referred to the disclosure of secrets, hidden from the majority of humanity, to certain privileged persons.”



Powerful! Elegant! Simple! A compelling synthesis of modern science, ancient wisdom and timeless art melded into a revolutionary view of the universe, and our lives! 

Where do we draw the line between science, spirituality, and nature’s secrets? In a visual journey of natural rhythms, cycles and geometry Karen Elkins book InsideOut demonstrates how everything from the very large to the very small—from the birth of galaxies to the formation of atoms and cells—emerges from simple, connected and unified patterns of nature. In doing so she reminds us that the key to our healing, and ultimately our survival, lies in our ability to embrace ourselves, and the world, as living, conscious and connected. 

Whether you’re an artist or an engineer, a home maker or a body worker, this book is about you, your world, and every relationship that you’ll ever experience in life. InsideOut is destined to become a cornerstone for teaching the unified science of the new millennium.

— Gregg Braden, New York Times bestselling author of Human by Design and The Divine Matrix

“Wow, this should come with a warning that opening it might cause lost time, slipped appointments, altered states, experiences of bliss, changes in worldview, and deep gratitude for you and for our participation in creation.

“This is the secret teaching of all ages for our times. Thank you, bless you.” ~ Foster Gamble, Thrive Movie

“A visual feast. Karen Elkins’s “InsideOut” brings the newest and most intriguing science to a lay audience in a way that combines mystery with understanding. Rarely has science and art been blended in so effective a way.” ~ Gerald Pollack, Ph.D. Professor, University of Washington.

“Karen Elkins has a natural sense of truth and she is quick to embrace what is truth. This is exactly what is needed to advance mankind into blossoming in the ways it always should have from the very beginning of civilization.

“Nature is always correct, and it is nature that we should follow loyally as our authority that we embrace and learn from. Thank you Karen for your efforts to convey this most important message!” ~ Jon DePew, Inventor, Teacher

““Karen Elkins has created a book of stunning visual beauty and great inspiration. The simple act of opening it pages—in a well lit room—provides the reader with a form of color therapy in which light from the lavish illustrations bathes the reader in radiant beauty. But it is in the accompanying words where, for me, the true inspiration lies: a combination of evocative poetry and glimpses into the minds of some great luminaries, both current and past. Elkins’ book will find its readers in all those who have a healthy curiosity about the Natural Word and Universe.” ~ John Stuart Reid, acoustic-physics researcher

“InsideOUT is a mastery of weaving the fabric of the cosmic harp, engaged and immersed in the unified field of science ~ in all the dimensions. ~ Krishna Madappa, President and Co-Founder,  Institute for Science, Spirituality and Sustainability,  Taos, NM   

InsideOUT is the most elegant, accurate and precise written description and visual journey describing the relationship between a person’s inner and outer reality.  Everything we know originated on the other side in reciprocal space and then unfolded inside out into the direct space we live in. “ ~ Don Estes, Inventor and Philosopher

What an amazing syntheses of life elements. The morsels from many of the great thinker is depicted in superb, stunning, and colorful graphics. The wisdom of the ages beautifully blended with the mysteries of science to enlighten. The Giant thinkers of time have helped us to see more of the horizon that becomes knowledge to live by. Thank you Karen for the many hours spent on your part that we may be enlightened. This will definitely inspire the creativity in all of us.” ~ Gene Webb, Philosopher and Inventor

‘’Karen Elkins has always had that rare ability to explain difficult subjects with clarity and artfulness. In this book she does it again, taking the reader on a beautiful journey thru the very latest scientific discoveries. Yet, it is more than the astounding information it contains. It is a work of art in and of itself with the transformative power to forever change how you see the world.” – Richard Merrick, M.S., Author, computer scientist, and developer of science based harmonic principles. 

Karen Elkins InsideOUT is a provocative journey into your Self and our universe. It is a marvelous blending of light, color, form and inquisitive science – in layman’s terms and images exciting both halves of our minds and hearts. It is clear no one else has ever presented such much esoteric and exoteric knowledge in such a beautiful and inspiring way. If you have ever wondered about the beauty and mystique of Life you do not want to miss this wonderful exploratory presentation. ~ Dale Pond, Sympathetic Vibratory Physics

“Karen Elkins successfully takes you on a journey from the Heavens to the Earth and back again.  She has successfully expressed the Hermetic Axiom, ‘AS ABOVE SO BELOW.’  She goes one step further to include ‘AS WITHIN SO WITHOUT’ in this visually stunning presentation.” ~ Matt Presti, President, University of Science and Philosophy, (Formerly the Walter Russell Foundation)

In his famous text  ‘The World as I See It’, Albert Einstein says,’ The fairest thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.’ In my opinion Karen Elkins’ book is a testimony to this statement”. – Elmar Fuchs, Water Bridge Experiment

“The visual and poetic masterpiece of Karen Elkins, ‘Inside Out’, may well become the greatest source for inspiration and wisdom in preparing our human future expressions. It’s displays of cosmic breath light-waves resonate throughout all of life churning a symphony of artist creations. This magical journey through the mysteries of the ages of the scientific and mystical offers to propel the star-dust Us into an expansive consciousness of being.” 

~ Ernest Richards

“Karen’s grasp of holistic concepts in science and metaphysics is voluminous, while her selected graphics and illustrations are always stunning, representative, and to the point. Her work in bringing together researchers and their myriad insights constitutes a direct and exciting resource for the general reader, as well as the specialist, in beginning to experience a broad spectrum of understandings within the new Paraphysics.” Dr. Gary Robert Buchanan,

“It is said that nature is either completely profane, or absolutely sacred. Upon experiencing Karen Elkins’s InsideOUT, one is blissfully overwhelmed by the evidence that nature is effectively both… that the miracle of creation is woven by an utterly profound, yet fathomable science of natural laws and axioms. Through a feat of collaboration with leading scientists and modern thinkers, InsideOUT explores, celebrates and pays homage to the supreme art of nature and the beauty of these laws convening into so many aspects of our existence.”~ Clay Taylor 

“This book is a building block of knowledge, it creates a solid foundation, so you can navigate  life with your eyes wide open. It should be a mandatory  course in every school.”~ Kerrie Carrie, Phoenix Voyage