Biographical Note

Hartmut Warm, born 1956, is a civil engineer and

independent researcher in astronomy, geometry, the history of harmonics and musical aesthetics. He has taught, lectured and published widely on these and other subjects, and in particular on his discoveries relating to the solar system and its inherent order. He lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.

Publications in English:

Signature of the Celestial Spheres, Rudolf Steiner Press 2010 (German: Die Signatur der Sphären – Von der Ordnung im Sonnensystem, Keplerstern Verlag, Hamburg 2001; 3. edition 2011)

Geometry and Harmony in the Movement Relationships of the Planets, in: Symmetry: Art and Science, 2010/1-4, Special Issue for the Festival-Congress of ISIS-Symmetry ‘Symmetry: Art and Science’, Gmünd/Austria 2010

Symmetry and Harmony in the Planetary System: Expanding on Johannes Kepler’s ‘Harmony of the World” in: Symmetry: Art and Science, Editors :George Lugosi, Denes Nagy, Wroclaw and Krakow, 2009 the_program.html

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