George Swanson
Bio Compatible Materials

George Swanson’s design-build consulting business, based in Austin, Texas.
In recent years his firm has had the great privilege to have participated in the design and construction of over 80 natural, “Bau Biologie,”® breathing, low toxic and fully non-toxic buildings in 11 states. Some of the alternative construction systems his firm has used are: Straw Bale, Straw/Clay, Rammed Earth, Durisol® block and most recently “Hebel”® aerated concrete block.
Many of these projects have included solar electric and hot water, natural rain water harvesting cisterns and non-polluting “gravel marsh” wetland septic systems. Other natural features include “breathing,” soft, wood chip/concrete “terrazzo” floor slabs, natural earth floors, traditional straw/clay plastering and integrated cistern cool water and solar hot water, whole-house cooling and heating systems.
Currently available services for Swanson Associates include:
    * Non-toxic, “Breathing” construction consulting
    * One and two day seminars on natural design and construction
    * Natural low impact energy and site utility development consulting
    * Fully detailed CADD custom and stock natural building design plans
    * Site supervision, Construction Management and General Contracting
George is also dedicated to promoting and providing only the healthiest, best quality products and systems that are industrially feasible and applicable for sustainable construction.
One of George’s main focuses is Magnesium Oxide-based products, specifically sheeting, but he also emphasizes education as much as product promotion and sales. He is of the belief that knowledge and education are priceless and that they are necessary and crucial steps towards a sustainable building system.
George also offers Magna-Blends. These are natural ceramic cements specially formulated for chemically-sensitive people and made in various blends for the construction industry. These blends have the same amazing qualities and benefits you find with Magnesium Oxide (MgO) sheeting:
    * Fire and Water proof
    * Anti-bacterial & mold proof
    * Non-toxic & Environmental
    * “Breathable” and healthy
    * Amazingly durable
George is also a distributor for Keim mineral silicate paint, that is waterprooof yet breathable, as well as American Clay plaster, Innova roof decking, and Lithistone sinks and counters.
George’s aim is to make the largest possible impact on the building industry, and only promote the products and systems that will be easily incorporated into, and have the biggest impact on, our current building material use and building system choices. Magnesium Oxide ceramic cement, as a tool for net-sequestration of CO2 green house gas, is reason alone to promote such technologies.
Contact George at 512-653-8624
Mailing address: 6705 Hwy 290 West, Suite 502
Austin, Texas 78735