Greg OʼNeil
A Vision of the Near Future

Our mission is to enable the Hawaiian islands to achieve the self-reliance, and independence, they once enjoyed, with the use of advanced technologies, and materials, available today.   We will restore forests where they once were, and turn former pasture land, into bountiful ‘Food Forests’ to be a living legacy for  the generations of Hawaiians to follow us into the future.

This project is geared to establish biofuels, and eventually foods production capacity on Hawai’i in order to end dependence on imports of fuels and food from the mainland states.   At this time the State of Hawaii
spends $4 Billion each year for fuel imports, and imports 85% of  food consumed, from the mainland.
It is now possible, and critically necessary, to end that dependence, with biofuels to be produced in the islands of Aloha, and food grown with high density, organic systems.   Once we have biofuels in production, from profits we will develop our capacity to provide gourmet foods to markets in the islands, and on the mainland.