Dale Pond is a renaissance man with a diversified yet general background in chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, machinist, metal working and tool making, computers, mathematics, acoustics, hydrodynamics, geometry, music, and common law (and some other stuff too!).

His experience includes technical writing, farming, lecturing, corporate training, business, metal and wood working, manufacturing, publishing and authoring scientific and philosophical journals and books. Maker of Musical Dynaspheres: Atlin, Symael, Altea, Alcea, Alya and Eloniss.”

Pond family adventures in central Brazil.

At the leading edge of new paradigm thinking, he has been able to show that vibration / oscillation is the principle underlying all things. Vibration / oscillation is the connecting link between spirit, Mind and matter – the magic key for creating new experiences, worlds and universes.

As an internationally renowned lecturer, Dale has presented workshops and seminars at the Swiss Association for Free Energy Conference, the International Keely Conferences, Sound and Vibration Conference, International Symposium on New Science, International Forum on New Energy, United States Psychotronics Association Conference, the Alchemy of Sound Conference, Science and Consciousness Conferences, TeslaTech Conferences and many others.

Pond Science Institute

921 Santa Fe Avenue

La Junta, Colorado 81050

Written, edited and published The Journal of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics from 1985-1992 – 60 monthly issues.

Universal Laws Revealed: Keely’s Secrets; The definitive volume on Keely’s work, 40 Laws and discoveries.

See also SVP Compendium of Terms and Phrases; A 4,000+ glossary of terms and phrases relative to sound and vibration.

Additional books, articles, etc: see Bibliography