Some of Melanie’s earliest childhood memories are of connecting with the Earth’s elements and to the natural systems that maintain balance on the planet. She remembers being at the ocean as a 3-year-old and of understanding the life force held there. Even at that age, she experienced a “knowing” that the ocean was the origin of life. Melanie has always lived close to a body of water. She has spent many hours “listening”—merging with water in a way similar to the way Viktor Schauberger described merging with water’s consciousness in the Austrian forest. To Melanie, water is a kindred spirit; it is our connection with Spirit and our pathway to higher consciousness.

Melanie uses her intuitive abilities as a practitioner in the healing arts. This has provided many opportunities for her to witness the interplay between the forces in nature and human biology. She can’t wait to have others join her in the “dance” she has always danced with water.