MJ Pangman is an author and speaker in the field of complementary medicine. Since the year 2000, ever since she observed its powerful effects on her own body, MJ has focused her writing on the subject of structured water. Her book, Hexagonal Water – The Ultimate Solution, is a reflection years of research on the molecular structure of water documenting the emerging evidence in support of its biological significance.
Melanie Evans
Some of Melanie’s earliest childhood memories are of connecting with the Earth’s elements and to the natural systems that maintain balance on the planet. She remembers being at the ocean as a 3-year-old and of understanding the life force held there. Even at that age, she experienced a “knowing” that the ocean was the origin of life. Melanie has always lived close to a body of water. She has spent many hours “listening”—merging with water in a way similar to the way Viktor
During 2003-2004 MJ worked with the eminent, Korean scientist Dr. Mu Shik Jhon to make his book, The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key, available in English. The book, published in 2004, outlines over 40 years of Dr. Jhon’s research on the structure of water.
MJ’s background in the natural sciences gives her an understanding of chemistry, biology, and quantum physics; her ability to explain the complex in simple terms makes her writing easy and enjoyable to read.