Susan Gordon
Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine for Sustainable Health

Susan Gordon was born in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, and currently resides on Salt Spring Island, B.C. She draws on experience as a life-long observer of nature and several decades as a professional horse trainer and riding instructor. Her eclectic background also includes advertising executive, competitive runner, drummer and artist. She was trained in the application of colored-light therapy by the College of Syntonic Optometry (Boston) and introduced to other holistic and energy medicine modalities throughout years of research and lectures as artist-in-residence at Village Labs Inc., Phoenix, and the UFAUX band with Jerry Wills as bass player, Jim Dilettoso, songwriter and keyboards.
Retired from training and teaching in the equestrian industry, Susan now pursues writing and documentary filmmaking in support of sustainability, compassion and horses. She attended the University of British Columbia’s Summer Institute in Sustainability in 2010, and completed the University of Guelph’s Stewardship of the Equine Environment. She is currently working on a book and private intranet project with Dr. Schoen. Ask Willie