Edition 27
Science to Sage

This is a stunning issue to explore
as the imagery just invites you in.

A Wonderful World – Tobias Channeled by Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe

Heaven on Earth a Paradigm Shift – Carol Fitzpatrick

When We Expand our Gaze – Christine Horner

The Divine Dance – Frances Lewis and Adelina Abad-Pedrosa

Transcend Time to Co-Creation  – Burt Harding

The Garden of O (Art) – Heather Cowie

The Art of Making Love  – Christine Horner

Splendor and Rejoice (Art) – Leigh McCloskey 

Passion for Life – Master Chen

Returning to the Garden of Eden – Sarah Coles

Seven Billion Minds, or One? – Larry Dossey MD

Photography by Mike Upstone

Angels Heaven to Earth with Love – Robert L. Smith

Inhabiting Heaven Now – Andrea Mathews

Shades of Silence – William Martino