Edition 34
Science to Sage

This issue is not what you are expecting…explore deeper into the magnetic field and it weave of life..and then some more!!  Some you may know…others are innovative thinkers you should know!!!

Jon DePew – Three Things Make Everything

Clay Taylor – The Axiom of Nature

Lynnclaire Dennis & Clay Taylor – Mereon Frequency

Anthony Morris – SATOR Square Solved

Robert & Su.Sane Hake “Clarity” – Squaring the Circle

West Marrin Ph.D – Geometry of Water

Dr. Emoto – Message in Water, presented at the Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water

Laurent Costa – Videos of Water & Music

Krishna Madappa- Bio-electrography image of water

Nassim Haramein – Connected Universe Nassim Haramein Interview with Randall Melnyk of O World

Jean Haner – Symmetry in Nature

Karen Elkins – Excerpts from InsideOUT: The Visual Guide to Our Designer Universe