Edition 37
Water Solutions
Science to Sage

There is no shortness of will and passion. There is no shortness of innovations.

So what is the problem?

Our oceans are dying and our land is drying up.
Birds are falling from the sky and fish are washing aground.
Everything is upside down.

Water shortages are no longer relegated to the 3rd world. We build in places as
though the resources are limitless and then donʼt even landscape in unison with the environment – grass in a desert!

Indigenous people lived in harmony with earth. They knew it was their life support system. Where did we lose this common sense?

Industries globally have contributed to our fast track towards extinction and keeping our heads in the sand and pledging ignorance will not save us from this pending catastrophe.

We need to WAKE UP and ACT.

And, water is only one issue, itʼs also about energy and power.


Dancing with Water – M.J Pangman, M. S. & Melaine Evans
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eunoia – Lisa Parks

Listening to the Buddha: how greed, ill-will and delusion are poisoning our institutions – Article by Zen scholar David Loy
Art by Igor Morski

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Talk for Food Video’s with Adam Abraham: MJ Pangman, Bengt, Dan Nelson, Gerald Pollack Ph.D.

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Desalinations Ideas – Graphene, OKEANOS & Desolenator

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Primary Water: Water for a Thirsty World – Greg O’Neill

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