Edition 45
Science to Sage

• Water: The Living and Conscious Being – Dr. Vladimir Voeikov and Konstantin Korotkov
• John Stuart Reid – CymaScope Images of brain states, female voice & stars
• Elements of Creation: Through the Lens of Water
Water Images by Georg Schroeker, text by Karen Elkins, comments by Gearld Pollack, Ph.D.
• The Memory and Secrets of Water – Prof. Dr. Bernd Kröplin
• Subtle Energies: Biological and Electrochemical Sensors in Measuring the Information Side of Matter
– Dr. Serge Kernbach, Evgeny Germanov, Anton Fedorenko
• Holographic Properties of Water – John Stuart Reid
• The Aura(Bio-field) as a Conveyor of Information Factors – Gary Robert Buchanan
• Shift from DNA Molecule to Water Assembly – Igor Jerman
• Color by Elements and Light Spectrum on Water – Randy Hutton
• Cellular Communications through Liquid Crystals – Dra. Esther Del Rio Serrano, Dra. Esther Patricia
Pérez Del Rio
• Effects of Infrared Light on Protein Interfacial Water – Magdalena Kowacz
• Water Symbols – West Marrin, Ph.D.
• What is the BIG DEAL about “structured water? – Karen Elkins, Editor of Science to Sage
• An Integrated System of Elements Working Together – Karen Elkins, Editor of Science to Sage