BY Eliza Donavan

I have had experience with both inventors and investors, and I was horrified to see what kind of model was used to do the investment. This dated back to the days of Tesla and Morgan, and the investor had absolutely no requirement to follow through with any project. Many contracts stated that if the inventor did not follow through, that the IP (intellectual property) would revert to the investor, and the investor would simply stop funding and allow the IP to fall into their lap. It was a con game that has been played for over 100 years successfully to funnel IP from those creating it into the hands of those who would either shelve it or use it to their own ends.

In an earlier blog, “Preventing the Tesla Effect: Contracts with Teeth”, I showed that businesses in general do not use this practice. For example, if one wanted a bridge built, then there were penalties that applied to both sides if they did not follow through with their obligations. If the builder did not complete the bridge, then they would pay a hefty penalty, and in some cases would have to return the full funds with interest. In the case of the investor, a hefty penalty would also apply, assuming it was not a lump sum, and several payments were made. If a payment were late, then a penalty would apply, and if it were stopped altogether, then a larger penalty would be levied, with an accounting necessary. This is to prevent a half built bridge, which does no one any good.

When I suggested this practice to Roger Green, he said that no investor would “go for it,” even though this is a standard practice in normal business. Then I realized the extent of the brainwashing, and the “we’ve always done it like that” mentality. This schizoid mindset between R&D and normal business has to end, and equity needs to apply to stop the con games that has been holding back progress in this civilization if it is to thrive. I showed in an earlier paper that real progress has reached a plateau in 2000-2001, and will now begin on a downward slope. It does not have to continue in that direction, and is a collective choice.

Now for the more detailed analysis on the investors: I categorize them as thus:

  1. Tire Kickers: They have little real interest, and actually use the enthusiasm of the inventors as a form of entertainment. They agree to listen to your pitch, and then dismiss it out of hand, usually with a lame excuse. They are like the kings and queens of old that would watch entertainers jump through hoops and breathe fire. The difference here is that the fire breathers had an agreement that they were there to entertain, and the inventors did not, having been lied to, and agreeing under false pretenses on the part of the “investor.”
  2. Opportunists: They want the inventor to put all of their energy into making the product or prototype, and want to come in afterwards to fund it. They wind up being predators that will try to cut the inventor out of the picture if they can, and cannot be trusted unless there is an ironclad contract with a lot of teeth.
  3. Vulture Capitalists: These want a controlling interest right away, and also have the worst intentions. They are usually thieves and con men (or women), and if given the chance will kill the inventor to get them out of the picture. Governments are in this category. They prey on the desperate, and their victims find themselves up against a legal blockade if they try to get their IP back.
  1. The Altruist: This one is very rare, and wants the best for humanity. Altruists were more abundant over 100 years ago, but over the generations hedonism has taken root, and the vultures outnumber the altruists. They abide by contracts and agreements, and will help the inventor/researcher when possible. Usually altruists get stuck with non cooperative inventors that drive them crazy, or inventors that are sent as decoys to the altruists by the vulture capitalists to ruin them, as the vultures consider them to be competition. This is usually not the case, but that is their excuse.
  2. The Con Man (or Woman): This one is perhaps next to the most insidious, the worst one following. This one takes advantage of the most altruistic of individuals, and uses a large fund for bait. That fund does not exist, and never will. It is used to keep the mark on the line, and to extract small amounts of cash to keep them involved. The CM uses various excuses as for why the funds are not available, and keep the more gullible on the hook for years. This also ties them up, and they do not look for actual sources of funding, being bound to an illusion.
  3. CIA, or Spook Fronts: Perhaps the worst one encountered. These are individuals or companies playing a specific role to ensnare inventors and researchers. It usually has the appearance of a confidence operation, but when one delves deeper finds that the actual roots are with various intelligence groups or agencies. Sometimes there is a loose collaboration between international groups running the op to accomplish a common goal. There is also usually a deal struck with the operatives for a piece of whatever the inventor has, usually taking their possessions and making the body disappear. These are human vultures, and have no moral compass to speak of. These are to be avoided at all costs.

Case Histories:

Gary Pedroza

Gary, also known as Garileo Pedroza, formed a think tank in the 2000’s. He was a broker, or facilitator, and was an Altruist, although he was not directly affiliated with the funding process. He was dedicated to getting a zero point energy device out to the public, and had a varied selection of personnel in his team, including one that was ex NSA that was a security specialist setting up a specialized VPN for the group. Gary kept some of the members financed by draining his own bank account when the funds that were promised did not come through. When he was on the verge of obtaining enough funds to pull the team together and built a prototype, he came down with a strange form of pneumonia, and died. The team dispersed, and some vanished. It is suspected that some members (other than myself) were also harassed by DHS, and went underground.

Lindsay Newton

Lindsay is a good reason why background checks on investors need to be done. He was a slumlord in Nelson, New Zealand, and decided to fund Dan Winter’s Implosion Group for microwave interferometry that used the Bearden protocol for recombinant EM. The system was intended to be used with George Egely’s carbon nanodust fusion system. George was an inventor that initially claimed to have a COP of 6 for his carbon dust system, but when finally pinned down, said that he wasn’t sure. The initial funding was for $20,000, a big chunk of which paid for Lindsay’s business class plane ticket, over $5000, to fly from NZ to South France. That was the first indication that something was wrong. Two dishes were made, for a chamber about 1 meter on a side for a proof of concept. The whole system cost about $2000, and the phasing was incorrect, which lead to massive leakage of longitudinal EM. Due to security concerns, it was decided not to repeat the experiment in that location, and a specialized microwave oven was custom made to test the concept with a variable output. This was given to Jean-Paul Biberian, and he traveled to George’s location to test it with him present. The tests

were inconclusive, and the COP did not exceed 1.0 in many test runs. Meanwhile, Lindsay decided to make a deal with an Arab interest as well as persons unknown, and took another $20,000 earmarked for R&D and placed that into his personal account. It is suspected that he also tried to sell the tech to the American military for an unknown sum. We received a cease and desist letter when an accounting of the funds was requested. The cease and desist was dated at the same date that he received the funds, indicating that this action was planned well in advance. Due to these actions, he is classified as a vulture capitalist, and is to be avoided. The group dispersed, as is what usually happens, and the dishes went to Jean Paul along with the microwave oven. Out of a total of $40,000, Lindsay either spent or kept $38,000, and the project collapsed.

Jordi Busquets

Jordi was an investor from Brazil, and I initially met him on a trip to Bologna, Italy to meet with Andre Rossi, who had a fusion generator. Rossi had his system running in self-sustain mode, with an output of 1200 watts, throttled back from a possible 10,000 for stability reasons. It worked, but only at 12% capacity. There were stability problems beyond that, and for that reason, Jordi decided not to invest in his project. We met for lunch, and he asked me what alternative energy projects were out there. I showed him Patrick Kelly’s book, as well as some other data, and he asked me to come up with a prospective project list, and discuss those with him. We decided on several, one of which was a permanent electret battery. As we did not have resources at the time to work on the final prototype, other projects were done, such as the Phi Generator, as well as others. These required a minimal expenditure of about $500 per project, and the electret was estimated between $3000-$4000 at the time. Dan Winter was nominated as the CFO, as he was hosting the space for the lab, and wanted compensation for that. Various “permanent” batteries were evaluated, along with the Crystal power cell of “Laserhacker.” Marcus Reid was also contacted, as he seemed to have a working permanent power cell that required some re-thinking, as it had an extremely low power density, and needed to be competitive with conventional sources, such as hydride or lithium cells.

The laser hacker battery failed, as it proved to be a galvanic cell. I was writing up the protocols for the electret battery when Dan told me the account was empty, and he moved the money to his account to keep his imploder business afloat. I had to explain to Jordi what happened, and he agreed to dissolve the company and reorganize it. Earlier, Dan was nominated as the CFO for the company, named Conjugate One, and after this I was asked to leave his house.

After the banking crisis in Brazil, Jordi stopped contacting me, and I suspect he is either no longer involved in the banking system, or something happened there. I would classify Jordi as another Altruist. I do not know if Jordi was funding it directly, and I suspect that was not the case, as he was acting as a broker. The embezzlement must have affected him, as it was approximately $20,000.

Luther Savimbi

This was an individual that was promising funding to Marysol Gonzalez-Sterling, in the order of $150,000 for humanitarian projects. Marysol had given him thousands of euros to “process” the funds, and the funds never came through. Luther was a scammer, or in the parlance used here, classified as a Con Man, or CM. Marysol had been on the hook with this guy for years until I suggested to call his bluff, and when she did, he promptly disappeared and stopped contacting her.

Dr. Tim Ewer

“Doctor Tim,” as Marysol called him, attended one of her courses, and promised a lot of money, in the hundreds of thousands of NZ dollars. Tim ran a clinic for integrative medicine in New Zealand, and said that he would include Marysol in his funding program. This was over 5 years ago. “Doctor Tim”

seemed to belong to the contract of the month club, as that was the excuse for nothing ever being completed. Every month he would say the contract was either incomplete, inappropriate, or something similar. This continued for over 4 years. Now, doing the math, that is 4 times 12, or 48 different excuses, enough to tax most creative geniuses, but somehow he was able to pull it off without Marysol questioning his integrity. This is going on to this day, with now “Doctor Tim” saying the contract was signed, and the funds will be available any day now. That stage occurred two months ago, so that involved a weekly excuse for 8 different occasions. He was supposedly the facilitator, and not a very good one, as nothing was being facilitated. He was also allegedly the go between with the broker, and the broker the go between for the funding source. In short, there were too many “go betweens” or middle men. Instead of compounded interest, there were compounded excuses. It became so convoluted that it was impossible to tell what was real, and what was not. I suspect that this was a bizarre mix of Opportunists, Tire Kickers, and Con Men, all feeding off one another.

Jerzy Babkowski/Humanus

Here is a link for Jerzy’s history: canadian-scammer-fraud-report-investigate

Jerzy has been promising funds to different individuals for a number of years. The most one person was “on the hook” was 7 years, and at that point they finally woke up and realized what was going on. I became involved in a peripheral way, as I did some blogs for Phoenix Voyage, and Kerrie Claire. Kerrie paid me for the blogs, and I suspect that came out of her pocket in anticipation of funds from Jerzy. Kerrie was on the hook for at least 4 years that I know of, and when she started looking elsewhere, he moved up his timetable, and instead of monthly promises, it became weekly. To keep the mark on the hook, it is necessary to move the date closer, at times making it tomorrow. This becomes risky for the Con Man, as they risk burning out the confidence of the mark. It’s all about belief after all, and when they stop believing in that, they may look elsewhere. So it’s also about control, and controlling the mark, and get them to believe in the illusion so much that they ignore the reality and stop looking at real funding. It has been speculated that the con men are agents for the elite to prevent certain persons from moving things “out in the open” and going forward. This is a valid argument. For these reasons, Jerzy is considered number 5, the Con Man.

Toledo Hughes (aka Toledo Hues, etc.)

Toledo was a trust fund baby that claimed to be a naturopath, and could come and go to and from the US without problems, while normal naturopaths were either strip searched or thrown in jail without charges, as a recent acquaintance Irina had the misfortune of finding out. Toledo had the money to fund a healing wand that used the Bearden protocol, and asked me if it could be used as a weapon, and I said no. She also was involved with a bunch of East Germans that looked seedy, and one in particular was covered in tattoos head to foot and claimed to be from the East German chapter of the Hell’s Angels, that was infiltrated long ago by the Stasi, so there were connections there as well. Also of note is the fact that when she departed for the US she left all her ID as “Toledo Hughes” behind including credit cards, indicating that she was using an alias to travel. Other than government agencies, it is illegal to have multiple IDs and passports.

She also had connections with a “friend” by the name of John, who was a CIA assassin, and bragged how he loved killing people, similar to the ill-fated American Sniper Chris Kyle. This raised all kinds of red flags for me, and then she took the prototype wand to America promising to find funding. Evidently either she did not want to fund it, or the people she was associated with did not want her to fund healing, rather than killing, tech. She did not return the prototype, and instead told me to get out of the house within 2 days, as there were people coming in, and they did not want me to be in contact withpage4image64560256page4image64562560

them. I suspected that it was being used as a CIA safe house, or for stashing drug or gun runners to shield them from law enforcement. Two backup hard drives that were encrypted with time locks were stolen that had CAD and spreadsheet files on it for various prototypes. The Germans there were instructed to steal and hide them. The encryption was such that the third incorrect attempt with a password would result in erasure, and the time lock was reset every 3 days since things became dicey. I also suspect that the reason for their going nuclear was the unexpected erasure of the hard drives, and the inability to hack into the Linux system, as the lackeys had limited intelligence and lacked those skill sets.

Before this happened, at Marysol’s, my apartment was broken into, and the notebooks photographed, laid out on the couch along with my ID. The spook that did this left cash in the wallet, and the Linux laptop was opened, but the password screen was up. I assumed he tried to hack into that without effect. Since the power was out at the time, the idiot did not think of that one with the big tower computer, and those files were untouched. Spooks and their lackeys may have the image of James Bond in the movies, but in real life they are fairly stupid, and never plan ahead effectively. With the limited battery life on the laptop, and the warning screen that the next entry was the last one, he probably panicked. After the break in, Crystal Goh said she and her friend Toledo were just talking about me, and invited me to their place in La Herradura. In retrospect, they probably got word from the lackey on how badly he screwed up, and they wanted me there. Marysol’s relatives pressured her to have me relocate, and at the time that was the only option. I see now the whole thing was a set-up.

Inventors and researchers also have to watch out for this sort of thing, and enablers doing the bidding of their masters. The enablers are usually co-dependent personalities that will do anything for their “friends,” including compromising their integrity to do their friend’s bidding. Personalities such as this will never realize what their “friend” is doing to them, and that they are being used. Their limited consciousness will never grasp that fact. This is why they were chosen, or perhaps more accurately, targeted in the first place. This one is number 6, or a CIA/Spook front. This one is commonly encountered in the US, but the tentacles of the octopus extend to either side of the Atlantic and Pacific. This speaks of the necessity of doing background checks to see who you are working with, and if already involved with them when one of the deadly variants are found, the necessity of getting out while still alive.


The odds are not good. Out of the six types, only one can be really trusted, and that is the Altruist. However, with that being said, one can have an Altruist go between or broker and a Vulture Capitalist that is sought for financing. This reduces the odds to one in 12, or approximately 8.3% for chances of success if one is acting blindly out of chance. The only positive chance for success is to know who you are working with, and profile the broker as well as the funding source. As Roger Green lamented, a Vulture Capitalist will not sign a contract that has teeth that they will be bound to, and have to pay a penalty for when they try to steal the IP. This is actually a good way to sort the wheat from the chaff, or the predators from the altruists. The predators are always after a soft target, and when inventors “harden” their tactics to prevent being taken advantage of, like a lion getting gored by a strong gazelle, they will slink off to find another target. Don’t depend on the government or law enforcement to go after these, as they are protected by both of those agencies. It is up to the individual to protect themselves and be aware of the predators. This is the only way to succeed.