After many years in Romance Switzerland, the watchmaker Laurent returns to live in his homeland. Committed to the preservation of the environment and especially the quality of the water, he decided to invest in this area .

Time Is the awareness of our global heritage?

This is at least the message that Lawrence wants to spend . The goal is to invest in education and the protection of nature, to have a better water management through small, simple and free daily actions , and also to allow access to drinking water everyone.

But how to draw attention to this particular theme?

To make its fun and original action Laurent chose the microscope as a working tool .

And if the water had a message to convey? What would it be ?
We say water if we decided to photograph (like an x-ray ) in the heart of intimacy with appropriate microscopes ?

It is to answer this question that Lawrence has become a unique photographer.

Without knowing scientific protocol without particular job , freezing a little water on a glass slide , he photographed the crystals and then the water by itself after a few seconds.

Why he did it come to this? This question will probably never be answered . This is not important , because as said so well Blaise Pascal , “The heart has its reasons which reason does not know .”

Water can she give us an answer on what it is ?

Is it a simple assembly of atoms ? Or is it a mirror that could reflect humanity and / or it makes him suffer ?

In this case, it would make us a message through?

It is said that the water ” flows naturally .” But what kind of source is it ? Would it not our own source we connect when we connect to the water?

As of today , science realizes increasingly link that connects the experimenter with the object of the experiment. Both seem interrelated and interdependent .

Does this could induce a communication can be established between the photographer and the cells of the water?

Traditions tell us that our material world originated from water. Go in search of water would be there a way to go in search of its origins ?

Laurent Costa offers to share his quest by giving you the benefit of his unique and original perspective. His pictures are the evidence of his research at the heart of the water and everyone is free to live them in his own way …

Pictures of crystals are very cold winter 2011-2012 .