Mara Alper’s affinities with dance, animation, film and video as expressive media have shaped her life. Her themes focus on social issues, older traditions and questions about people’s similarities, differences and motivations. She has interviewed shaman and tribal leaders in the native Huichol tribe, descendants of the Aztecs. They discussed forgiveness and attitudes toward aging and death. Images include traditional music, scenes from daily lives and sacred arts. In Bali, she studied the art of shadow puppets and dance, intrinsic elements in the Balinese Hindu religion. On the Greek island of Crete, she wrote and painted for several months in a mountain cave facing the Mediterranean Sea, influenced by their ancient Minoan culture. These experiences have helped her learn to recognize and respect the many values humans share, and to focus on our similarities rather than our differences.These questions led Mara to study world mythologies and religions, particularly the work of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell. Her enthusiasm for first-hand experience of the wisdom of older traditions has led her to study sacred dance from around the world and to unique travel experiences in Europe, Asia and Central America.