I wish you much love and light in the name of all life forms in the universe. – Marc Juncker

Author of “Terra Incognita”


PUBLISHED BOOKS – De schaduwzijde van de zon (the shadow side of the sun, fiction), Dutch language, 2006, Free Musketeers, Woerden, The Netherlands, ISBN 90-8539-510-0

Insalate Cesare (fiction), Dutch language, 2011, Boekenmaker Zaandam, The Netherlands, ISBN 9789088420528-0

Terra Incognita: healing our planet in 80 days (non-fiction), English, Dutch and German language editions, Boekenmaker Zaandam, The Netherlands, ISBN 978-90-8842-142-63.

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS-Climatology: 2005-2009, senior lecturer in climatology for future airline pilots.

Aviation: professional pilot, flight instructor and flight examiner for the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority. In this book I use this experience to explain the phenomena of contrails and Geo-engineering.-Economics: university degree in economics, currently CEO of two Belgian companies. -Natural processes: as CEO of an agricultural company I organised laboratory tests to verify my theories, the results are presented in the book and form the backbone of the recovery process on our planet.-Agriculture: as a Belgian World Wine Master with terroir specialization (explained in the book) I have an insight into problems foe vineyards. During my studies I identified industrial farming as a major threat for the survival of the human species.